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My name is Sandra, I'm from México. I'm 17 years old. Call me Sandy
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I like Cuddles. I probably gonna call you by pet names as 'Honey, Babe, Sunshine, Babycakes, etc' so don't be mad at me for that. I'm nice to people who are nice to me and people in general, so if you want to talk feel free to message me
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As you can see this blog is dedicated to the beautiful and talented Kristen Stewart, you can ask me questions about her and I will try to clear all your doubts
I made this blog on November 2013


EQUALS (Pre-Production) AMERICAN ULTRA (Post-Production) THE BIG SHOE (Pre-Production)
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August-September: Equals start shooting in Japan and Singapore September 2014: The Big Shoe starts shooting in South África October 2014: Camp X-Ray to be released
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Kristen Stewart, Oscars (2010)

As an actor, we tend to end up isolated, we’re on edge and it limits the exchange with people. It seems normal to me to hire friends or people to support us. But the line can be very blurry, because they work for you. You hire them, but they are also your friends or creative partners. After, you can become dependant or obsessive. It’s a really destabilizing and unhealthy relationship, unique and quite common. I know that by heart.


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